General Information


SAET 2024 will take place in Campus Beauchef of the
University of Chile

Beauchef 851, Santiago

*The conference will take place at two different buildings on the Beauchef Campus, located across from each other*

Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
University of Chile
Address: Beauchef 851, Santiago.
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Getting to the Venue

Moving around
From one building (Beauchef 850) to the other (Beauchef 851), you only have to cross the road. If you have any doubts, conference support staff will be there to help you.

Getting to the venue

Subway: From various parts of the city, it is possible to reach the Beauchef Campus via the Metro network. The closest stations to the Campus are "República” (line 1) and “Toesca” (line 2). The campus is located 15 minutes walk from the Metro

Taxi or Uber: If you go in a Taxi, say you are going to the University of Chile, Beauchef campus, right next to Park O'Higgins. If you want to arrive via Uber, the address (Beauchef 851, Santiago) or Beauchef campus - University of Chile, will work.

Venue Floorplan

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